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Time to Blossom

A photobook workshop

“Time to Blossom” is an experimental workshop, which focuses on tracing, developing, and structuring visual narratives, through the process of creating a work in the form of a photobook.

Through a series of individual and collective meetings, participants will be invited to define their aims, to research, to get inspired, to experiment, and to investigate multiple narrative approaches in the work, in an open dialogue with other works and practices stemming from cinema, typography, literature and visual arts.

The workshop will follow a synthetic process, passing through all the creative stages, from the conception, the editing, and sequencing, the design, and the selection of the materials, bookbinding methods, and printing choices.


Self-publishing, and publishing with independent publishing houses will be also explored along with the opportunities for distribution and promotion within the contemporary photobook scene.

Within three months, the workshop aims to allow participants to build skills and to initiate them to all the principle tools, practices, and methodologies that will help them cover the distance to the creation and the presentation of a cohesive work in the form of a handmade photobook.

Duration: October 2020 - January 2021

Workshop Instructor: Yorgos Yatromanolakis 

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